Embrace Possbility Top 10 Insights that May Change Your Life for the Better
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Top 10 Insights that May Change Your Life for the Better

Throughout your life, you've learned many lessons that have changed the way you think, act and live. But no matter how valuable the lesson, it is not fun to learn it the hard way. Some say these learning pains are unavoidable and necessary for the learning to stick. This may be true for some people [...]

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

Have you ever wondered: Should I quit my job? You're not alone. People often tell me they are unhappy with their jobs. They fantasize about getting out and like most fantasies, it doesn't happen. The good news is: Those who do make the switch don't regret it. The bad news is: This doesn't make the [...]

Be Financially Free – Lesson 4 – Current Pace

Looks like you're almost ready to get started on your road to financial freedom. So far: You've learned the starting point for your journey is your current net worth and that measuring your net worth is the only way to track your progress. You've figured out your destination when you determined your number. Some of you [...]

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Be Financially Free – Lesson 3 – How to Get Out of Debt

In the last lesson (if you missed it or want to review it, click here), you calculated your "number". With that "number", you now have a destination as you begin the road to financial freedom. If you are starting your journey with a negative net worth (click here to learn how to calculate your net [...]

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Be Financially Free – Lesson 2 – Do You Know YOUR Number?

  Most people don't get into a car and just start driving. They usually have a clear idea about where they want to go before they even leave the house. The road to financial freedom is just that - a road. Before you take that road, it is important to know where you are and [...]

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Be Financially Free – Lesson 1 – What is your Net Worth?

You can't reach your full potential if you are not financially free. If you don't agree, I am happy to discuss. For those who do agree or would like to become financially free anyway, read on. Most people are not financially free for one simple reason: They don't know how to keep score. People tend to [...]

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