Embrace Possbility How to Sell with Integrity – Lesson 3 – Why People Buy
  • Why People Buy

How to Sell with Integrity – Lesson 3 – Why People Buy

In this third lesson on How to Sell with Integrity, we're going to focus on how people decide to buy. Although this lesson is interesting and helpful on its own, its effectiveness is powerfully multiplied when used within the context created after reading Lesson 1 - The First Thing to Think About and Lesson 2 -  Matchmaker - Assist [...]

How to Sell with Integrity – Lesson 2 – Matchmaker – Assist the Buyer

In Lesson 1, we went over the importance of acting as an assistant buyer for your customer. You can help your customers buy only after understanding what they want and their motivations for wanting it. The only way to know what they want is to ask. Your customers will open up if you build rapport, ask the right [...]

  • Sell with Integrity

How to Sell with Integrity – Lesson 1 – The First Thing to Think About

In my previous article, I proclaimed that the one key skill for success is the ability to sell. If you believe selling is sleazy, please click here and read this article before reading on. For those who truly believe salespeople can have integrity and still be great and want to start learning how to sell effectively, [...]

  • Keys to Success

You are NOT Successful because …

... you are missing this one key skill. All successful people have it and all unsuccessful people don't. If you are already successful, you know what this skill is. If you're not, I have three pieces of great news for you: The first is that what you're missing is a skill and not a natural-born ability which means [...]

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