Embrace Possbility Look Back, Project Forward and Stay Present
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Look Back, Project Forward and Stay Present

In the last days before the new year, it's an opportune time to bring the past, present and future together.  Let's start by ...   ... looking back. Reflect on 2013 - what were the major highlights and disappointments? Take time to celebrate both your successes and failures.  Successes confirm that your skills and plan [...]

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Focused Execution – How to Turn Dreams into Reality – Part 3

This is the final article of the How to Turn Dreams into Reality Series. If you haven't read Part 1 - Setting Proper Goals or Part 2 - Creating an Effective Plan or both, I recommend that you read them before moving on. By now, you should have a proper goal set and a plan [...]

Proper Goal Setting – How to Turn Dreams Into Reality – Part 1

We all have dreams. But why don't we pursue them? Why do we go on doing what we don't like to do just because we're supposed to? Why don't we do what we really want like travel the world, start our own business or write that book we've tried to find time for? Is it because [...]

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