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Embrace Possbility Just Listen by Mark Goulston
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  • Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston

Just Listen by Mark Goulston

(click on book cover for more details) Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston Published: March 2015 ISBN-10: 0814436471 EP Rating: 4 out of 5 (good read) EP Main Takeaway: Focus on the other person by listening and making them feel important [...]

  • Turning back time

Don’t miss out on life – you have less time than you think

We don't know how much time we have During the holidays, New York City is packed with people - on the sidewalks, inside stores and in the subway. Usually, I fade the crowds out to get to where I want to go. But today, as I waded through tourists stopping to short to take [...]

Controlling Your Elephant

As we change seasons, whether it's from summer to autumn or winter to spring, it's easy for our to-do lists to keep getting longer and longer. For some of us, as our list of tasks and priorities begin to grow, so does our urge to procrastinate. This happens because willpower, self-control and discipline are exhaustive resources. [...]

  • self reflect

How to Give Yourself Feedback

For many of us, we strive to be better today than we were yesterday. One of the best ways to achieve that is to get quality feedback. When it comes to feedback, we tend to ask other people because we fear our blind spots and propensity for self-delusion. Unfortunately, it's not always convenient or helpful [...]

  • travel

How to Jumpstart Your Life by Reinventing Yourself

You probably think your life could be better. It's not that it's bad. It's just not what you'll call "awesome". If you want to confirm this, answer this question: What have you been up to? If your answer is: Not much Same old Eh... or any other variation, then you may want to jumpstart your [...]

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Generally, people are good. At least that’s what I believe and it has served me well. So why is it that some of them do bad things? Unthinkable things? From genocides to bullying From terrorism to financial fraud From smoking to working way too much People, who are generally good, end up doing a spectrum [...]

  • Worried

How to Worry in a Good Way

"Don't worry. Be happy." Just four words with two simple suggestions. Yet we find it so hard to apply. Why is that? Think about it for a few seconds before reading on. "Don't worry. Be happy." Did you come up with anything? If not, don't worry. Many people struggle with this question. One of the main [...]

  • Too Tired

The Three Reasons Why You Should Sleep More

If you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep every day, stop reading this article now. If you're still reading, then you probably want to sleep more but for some reason can't justify it. Here are the three reasons why you need to sleep more starting tonight: When You Don't Sleep, You're Wasting Your Life Many [...]