Coaching Programs

When it comes to life coaching, people are not really sure what to expect. They know it involves a coach and it involves spending time with the coach but not much else.

When I first learned about life coaching, I felt lost. I found myself convinced that it could help me (click here for the benefits of coaching) but I found myself asking:

"What does a coaching session involve?"

"What will I get?"

"Do I need to prepare anything?"

"How long will it take to get results?"

Since then, I've experienced some great results through both coaching and being coached and I have identified methods to overcome common roadblocks that my clients struggle. Dealing with these issues fall right into the sweet spot of my expertise. After recognizing the pattern in my coaching sessions for these topics, I've created a selection of coaching programs that have been optimized to overcome these particular barriers to people's lives.

Each program is designed to achieve results within a specific amount of time in a specific number of coaching sessions. There is a clear end to these coaching sessions and at the end, you'll have the result that the program promises.

As with all my products and services, it comes with a full money-back guarantee - if you're not happy, I don't want your money.

Of course, your results will be dependent on your commitment and if you're not committed to taking action after each coaching session and following the program, I don't want your business.

I'm serious and I hope you are too.

The coaching programs I offer are:

1. Live Your Best Life

To live to your full potential, it is important to balance the important aspects in your life. This 10 session coaching program will help you generate enough momentum to begin living life to the fullest. Click here for more information.

2. Achieve 1 Goal

Do you have a specific goal you would like to achieve? This 5 session coaching program will help you get there. Click here for more information.

3. 360ยบ Relationships

What would your life be like if you improved all major relationships - with your family, with your friends, with your parents, with your colleagues, etc. This 5 session coaching program will look at what's stopping you from having great relationships and teach you the skills that will make a difference from the very first session. Click here for information.


Photo by Ian Sane