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Embrace PossibiltyThanks for visiting the Embrace Possibility Blog.

It can be intimidating to navigate a new blog so I've created a quick start guide to help you.

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This blog is broken into 6 main categories:

1 - Personal Growth

What are your aspirations and dreams for your life? What is meaningful work for you? This category is about personal mastery and clarifying and achieving purposeful goals. Articles here talk about both ways to get what you want and overcome barriers that may stand in your way.

Topics Include: Philosophy, learning, personal goals and interests, purposeful living, spirituality, focus, decluttering, self-esteem, being present

2 - Relationships

Life is about relationships. The greatest joys come from awesome relationships and the greatest pains come from toxic ones. If you want to live your life to the fullest, you need to create and grow meaningful relationships. You'll find articles on how to improve your relationships through trust, understanding and openness.

Topics Include: How to create and improve relationships with spouse, children, customers, boss, employees, friends, relatives, strangers, others less fortunate, etc.

3 - Professional Development

We work for a greater part of our lives. The secret to a fulfilling career is to find your passion and get someone to pay you to do it. Articles here will show you how to build value using your passion, improve skills that matter and help you gain traction in your professional career.

Topics Include: Achievement, career advancement, finding and getting your dream job, effective communication, public speaking, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, productivity

4 - Financial Freedom

Money is a magnifier. Nothing more and nothing less. If you're living your passion, money will help you accomplish more and reach out to more people. Without money, you lose the freedom to make your own decisions. You are forced to do what others tell you, whether it's your boss or your clients, and delay the fulfillment of your dreams. Articles here will focus on getting you one step closer to financial freedom. With money and resources, you can truly live to your full potential.

Topics Include: Financial planning, wealth accumulation, personal finance, investing

5 - Health

How can you live your best life if your body and mind is not in its best condition? Articles here are geared towards building both your mental and physical strength.

Topics Include: Diet, sleep, exercise, preventive care, meditation

6 - Inspiration

Here you will find inspirational stories that get me going when I'm feeling discouraged. It's easy to look around us and find excuses to live a mediocre life. I find people who show true strength of character and purpose inspires me to keep going and I believe they'll do the same for you.

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