Robert Recommends

I'm frequently asked for recommendations on books, software, websites, etc.

I've decided to compile all the products and services that I have used and highly recommend. For some of these links, I do get affiliate credit (either free services or referral fees).

Building a Website and Blog

I use Bluehost for my website hosting services. They are low-cost and I've been happy with them. They have many free "scripts" that allow someone (like myself) to build a website and blog with no programming/coding experience.

I highly recommend WordPress for designing your website. It's free and there is a lot of support for it. Once you have it set up, you can install free plug-ins to add functionalities such as stats tracking, events calendar, connection to social media, etc. There is a plug-in for almost every functionality you can think of. There are also free and premium themes that have functionality built into them. Contact me if you want to know what plug-ins I use.

For my mailing list, I currently use Mailchimp. I've found it easy to use and the customer service is excellent (not 24 hours though). I've also heard great things about Aweber but I've never used them.

Business Tools

You can get a Google Voice number for free on your current phone. You can use it to screen calls and to have your voicemail sent to you via email. Convenient to put on

For business cards, I exclusively use VistaPrint. They have great deals and plenty of designs if you don't have your own. They've been very reliable. You can even get free business cards if you want to test the waters. Just need to pay for shipping.

Online File Storage - Sugar Sync - Makes it very easy to share files and you start with 5gb free. The other person does not have to be signed up for the program. You can just send them a link.

(I'll add more as I try out more products and services and verify the quality)