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How did Michael Jordan become the Greatest?

Or why Mozart, even at a very young age, was regarded as one of the brightest composers of all time? Were these individuals born with "it"? I don't know but it is safe to say that they would never have gotten to their elite status without the proper COACHING. As it turns out, these folks, as well as many other seemingly “natural” top performers, all have had coaches in their lives.

Who Should Get Coached? 

The answer is … everyone, specifically, anyone who wants to live life to the fullest.

“I’ve done just fine without a coach…”

You may be doing just fine but what does that really mean? Are you living the life YOU really want? If not, do you recognize the barriers that are stopping you?

You are the expert of your professional and personal life and you ALREADY have all the creativity and resources to live to your fullest potential. Coaches are experts on helping you identify and define the goals that matter to you and to support you in maximizing the life you want to live.  Well-defined goals along with new skills and insights will allow you to move toward achieving those goals faster and more effortlessly.

If you decide to engage in a coaching relationship, you can expect to experience fresh perspectives on life’s challenges and opportunities, improved thinking and decision-making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in all aspects of your life. This will lead to noticeable results in personal effectiveness and satisfaction along with a strong sense of achievement and happiness.

Why Do Top Performers (Athletes, Performers, CEOs, etc.) Use Coaches?

Great coaches:

  1. Continuously learn the best tools and strategies to help you identify and achieve your goals faster and with greater ease.
  2. Give you a trained third person’s perspective necessary for seeing your blind spots and optimizing execution.
  3. Create accountability and builds momentum by keeping you fully responsible for your results.

Finally…You CAN Live the Life You Want

Most people never come anywhere close to reaching their full potential because, believe it or not, most people don’t think it is even possible to live the life they want and deserve. If you don’t believe me, just look around you.

The rewards of coaching compounds so the earlier you start the more you will benefit. Not all coaches are created equal and you need to choose wisely.

Here are the benefits I strive to provide:

Clarifying Wants

I will help you distinguish your “wants” (which is important) from your “shoulds” (which are not as important). When you can confidently answer the question, “Why do you do what you do?”, you will begin to live life with a sense of purpose and become committed to achieving your goals. Interestingly, when you commit, achieving your goal becomes inevitable. This is the preventative cure for the “mid-life crisis”.

Setting Effective Goals

How many times have you disappointed yourself by starting something but never finishing it? As your coach, I will help you GET what you want through effective goal setting. Live life with no regrets. With the proper goals, anything is possible.

Challenging Limiting Beliefs

“I am too young, I am too old, I am a minority, I never went to college, I am not smart enough, I can’t do that, etc.” These are examples of the many beliefs that actively hold people back from getting what they want. I will help you to challenge your beliefs and to recognize that you don’t need permission to be happy and live the life you want.

Identifying Strengths

Do you want to be good or do you want to be GREAT? Life becomes easier when you stop trying to improve your weaknesses and you work on enhancing your strengths. The first step is to identify them and I will show you how.

Providing Feedback

We can only see things through our own eyes and that makes us susceptible to blind spots. Imagine that you are in a rush to go somewhere so you decide to drive full speed just to find out you were going the wrong way. I will help you prevent that by giving you a 3rdperson’s point of view of your situation.

Upholding Accountability

How easy is it to give up when we are by ourselves. Most people quit right before the finish line. I will make sure you stay motivated by consistently reminding you of the commitments you have made and provide support when you need it. If you’ve ever worked out with someone, you know how different that is compared to working out by yourself.

Achieving Balance

How many people do you know have great careers but poor relationships or a lot of money but poor health? My philosophy is that you cannot reach your full potential unless you enrich ALL 5 of the main areas of your life:


Financial Freedom


Personal Development

Professional Development

You have all the resources necessary to achieve your highest potential. My role is to help you identify the best places to allocate those resources

Click here for more details on My Philosophy

Removing Risk

My passion is to help others reach their full potential and if I don’t provide you with enough value, I don’t want your money. I understand that it is not easy to invest your hard-earned money on this valuable service without having met or worked with me so I have decided to take all the risk out of your decision. I am confident in my abilities to get you where you want to go and I will provide a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the coaching sessions.

What to Expect

Having worked with clients from various industries, I have come to realize that the fundamentals of my methodology remain the same. The first thing I do is to conduct an initial consultation to make sure I am the right coach for you. The second is to verify that you are willing and committed to improve (It is okay if you don’t know how, as long as you are willing). I will not coach people who do not WANT to be coached. It would be a waste of everyone’s time.

After securing a commitment to the coaching relationship, we will work together to clarify and create a plan to achieve the goals that you want. The usual commitment is for 3-6 month period meeting every 2 weeks (6-12 sessions).

I love coaching and training others to be their best and I have extensively researched the 5 key aspects for living your life to the fullest. I am passionate about reaching my highest potential and I apply everything I learn in my life before ever presenting it to you. Several professional coaches mentor me and to further enhance my coaching skills, I am currently enrolled in a NLP Practitioner Certification Course by the NLP Center of NY.

My Responsibilities as a Coach

I pledge to promote an environment of:

Clarity.   Support.   Trust.

Coaching is not about telling you what to do but about inviting you to be curious about your own experiences to discover, clarify and align your actions with what you want to achieve. I am trained to listen, observe and customize my approach to your needs but ultimately it is your creativity and resourcefulness that will generate the solutions and strategies to move you forward.

I am responsible to keep the focus on your needs and to continuously learn new ways to shine light on your blind spots and guide you through your self-exploration. I will give suggestions from time to time but the choice is always yours.  One of my main duties is to empower you and to keep you responsible and accountable for the commitments you make.

Everything discussed during a coaching session is strictly confidential and I will safeguard all your information. I firmly believe that a coaching partnership cannot exist without trust.

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