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Success Operating Principles

These are guiding principles that I’ve found helpful to live a more “effective” life. This is based on my own experience and definition of success so take that into consideration.

  • Never stop learning about yourself - the more you know about you, the better your life decisions will be. Always ground yourself in reality and truth.
  • Recognize that how people react to what you say is how they would expect you to react if they share something similar to you. As an extension, gifts people buy for you or others, give you a clue to gifts that they would want (especially if the gift is something that you don’t like).
  • Treat everyone with respect always. For those who are of a perceived “lower” status to you, show deference. For those who are of a higher status to you, treat them like normal people.
  • Master the ability to control your attention. Your quality of life is directly linked to what you pay attention to. The skill involves understanding where your attention is and shifting it purposefully.
  • See everything that happens to you as feedback of your actions. Success is feedback. Failure is feedback. Only when you see how you fail, can you stop failing. Also, note that there may be a delay between your actions and your results. Just because something is not working now, doesn’t mean it’s not working.
  • The effectiveness of your communication is determined by the response that you get. If you’re not getting the response that you want, change how you are communicating.
  • What people see matters in the short term, who you are matters in the long term so maximize both. This means:
    • Dress to impress
    • Carry yourself well - manners, etiquette, civility
    • Never stop working on yourself - knowledge, skills,
      • Your outside world is determined by how you see yourself on the inside
  • When procrastinating, find any way you can to just get started. It works.
  • You receive love by giving love first. To find the right person, you must be the right person. Feelings of love FOLLOW acts of love. Don’t wait for the feeling to show how much you love those around you.
  • Your memories shape how you see, react to and interact with the world. Your memories are also reconstructed, not recalled. This means if you want to change how you experience life, believe in the memories that will help you be effective. The same is true for beliefs. You can’t prove if one belief is better or worse than another so just choose the belief that will help you live your life to the fullest.

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