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Hi, my name is Robert Chen and my life's mission is to help others reach their full potential by analyzing successful people, applying their lessons to my life and sharing the practical insights that work.

Robert Chen Embrace PossibilityI created Embrace Possibility as the platform to structure and share this knowledge. We believe that living the life you've always dreamed of IS a possibility and we're committed to showing you how. The content will be continuously updated as we learn more about how you can reach your full potential.

If you want to dive right in, look at our full potential philosophy and assess how you're doing in the five core growth areas. This will give you clarity on the content and resources you should focus on.

Other interesting areas include our:

  • Embrace Possibility Blog - This site started with this blog where I shared the experience and knowledge that have been helpful to me in living my life to the fullest in hopes that they will serve you as well.  It's designed to:
    • Help anyone who wants to reach their highest potential by sharing insights that are helping me maximize my potential and provoking curiosity about what is possible
    • Provide a valuable, organized and easily accessible resource for clients, loved ones and myself
    • Make the world a better place by challenging common assumptions and helping people realize what is possible through sharing of individual experiences and unique perspectives of the world
  • Modeling Success Series - A great way to become extraordinary is to think, feel and act like extraordinary people. This section includes my interviews with successful and interesting people focused on gleaning insights from their success journey.
  • Recommended Books and Apps - Books can be great mentors and apps can help amplify your effectiveness. Here you'll find books I recommend by topic along with the apps I find useful.
  • Long Story Short Book Notes - I read a lot and often take notes for my own learning. I thought these notes could be helpful to others as well if they don't have the time to read the full book.
  • Inspirational Stories - This section includes stories and videos about people embracing what is possible and not letting anything hold them back.
    If you are feeling discouraged or doubting yourself, browse this page to be inspired again.

Robert Chen Embrace Possibility

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For those of you interested in learning how all of this got started:

Growing up I thought passion was something reserved for a select few and that everyone else just followed a similar path in life: get good grades, graduate from a good school, land a stable job, start a family and retire. It was silly to think you can find your passion.

This all changed after I read 2 books (The Pathfinder by Nicholas Lore and What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles) that opened my eyes to a different possibility: one where you can find and pursue your passion through active and continuous self-reflection.

Since then I’ve been launched into a life of passion and purpose that has brought me clarity and sustaining happiness. I found that once you have your own dreams, you stop wasting time falling in love with and pursuing other people’s dreams. You do what you want to do and you know why you’re doing it.

Having made such positive changes in my life, I naturally wanted to share this with my close friends and family. I realized that people don't live up to their full potential not because they don’t want to or couldn’t but because they didn’t know how. I would recommend the books I mentioned above to many of my friends but I came to discover that not everyone likes to read and work through a 300-page book.

Robert Chen Embrace PossibilityThis is when I decided to combine my interest in personal and professional growth with my natural abilities to connect with people and to learn and simplify complex ideas. This brought about the creation of the Know What You Want Workshopwhich was my 2-day intensive workshop that focused on the tools needed to find your dream job. You can now take this workshop as an online course.

I really enjoyed developing and facilitating this workshop and the positive feedback from the attendees (Testimonials) confirmed my passion helping others succeed and my abilities to do so. In addition to leading workshops, I coach individuals and groups to clarify what they want, to guide them in their planning and to keep them accountable to execute their plan. We discuss barriers to their success and come up with customized solutions for reaching their full potential (click here to learn Why Everyone Should Get a Coach).

Through my work with others and reflecting on my own journey, I discovered the only way to reach your full potential is to grow 5 core areas in a balanced way (learn more about the full potential philosophy). Since then, I've used my own life as the lab for applying what I learn in my research and creating products and services based on what works. This gives me the confidence to offer a full money-back guarantee for all our products and services.

Being an avid self-learner myself, I created the Embrace Possibility Blog to help those who would rather learn on their own. Based on my research and experiences, I continue to develop insightful guides and helpful tips for helping you live your best life. If you find that you enjoy my ideas, you may want to check out my book, The Dreams to Reality Fieldbook. If you would like to help this blog reach more people, find out how you can support this blog.

Here is an audio clip of me talking about my passion and explaining my definition of success.

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