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"The knowledge I gained after attending the "Know what you want" workshop had an immense and positive affect on my overall attitude towards life. This workshop is not an infomercial promising instant results. You will gain an understanding of your values and establish a strong foundation to help you move forward in your life/career.

Since the workshop, I have used all that I learned and accomplished a whole host of goals, both personal and professional.

Job S., Financial Services Consultant and Founder of the SportsYard Basketball League

"The Know What You Want workshop has truly helped opened up my mind to further reach my goals. It has helped clarify my core strengths and weaknesses that would enable me to do my best in my ideal career environment. With the help of the career coach, I was able to hone in on skills to find a job that best fits my criteria. Instead of me finding a random job and having myself assumed I can adapt into it, I am able to look for a job that I can excel and gain knowledge of my interest and use."

Eunice C., Program Coordinator

"I'm a financial services consultant with over 6 years of industry experience.  I went into the Know What You Want workshop with an open mind, but with doubts that Rob would be able to help me get out of my hole and open new doors.  Since the workshop, I began pursuing graduate studies and expanding my network in the real estate industry - something that I've always been passionate about.  His workshop helped me refine my goals and put them into action.  I continue to meet with Rob for one-on-one coaching sessions and find his guidance and support to be invaluable in keeping me on track and achieving things I thought weren't possible.  I'm glad I gave it a chance and highly recommend Rob's program."

Kevin K, Financial Services Consultant

"The Know What You Want Workshop is a fantastic way to find direction in what I want to accomplish in life. I received personalized advice and ideas to reach my own specific goals, rather than generic ideas I could have read in self-help books. The best part about attending was the feeling I got that Robert is really out to help me and wants me to succeed. His passion to help people can be seen right away and I left feeling very enlightened."

Lup M., Web Developer

"I just had free consultation with Robert and he is amazing. Thank you so much Robert for the inspiration and guidance. I am now excited to jump back into life. If I lived in NY, I would take his workshop in a second!!! I am however trying to get him to come to Los Angeles and share him with my Celebrity Assistants Group. Call him NOW, and start your new life!!! Thanks Robert!!!!"

Gary P., Entrepreneur and Connector

"The Know What You Want Workshop not only gave me a holistic view on my ideal career, but also the tools to map out what I want in my career. The workshop helped me focus on my values and what I like, opposed to what I think I should like. Furthermore, through attending the workshop, I was able to meet other professionals and expand my network. As a whole, the workshop was organized, interactive, and definitely engaging. I highly recommend it!"

This is the follow up testimonial from Esther:

"When I attended Rob’s Know What You Want Workshop, I was still in
college and feeling a bit hopeless. I did not know what I was looking
for in my career and was not doing too well in my job application
process. Through the workshop I was able to clarify and weigh the
different things I value most in my ideal career.

What I found most helpful was the 1-on-1 sessions with Rob. He helped
me on many fronts from interviewing, identifying specific positions,
improving weaknesses, and just overall analysis and feedback on my job
search process. After college, I successfully found a job with many of
the attributes that I was looking for, so I would definitely recommend
Rob’s program."

Esther C., Investment Coordinator

"At first, I didn't know what to expect or what I can get out of the Know What You Want workshop. I was three years out of college, working in my 2nd job, and questioning myself if this was really it; if what I was doing and the career path I was on was right for me. The problem was that I had no idea what I wanted to do; I didn't even know where to start. I took the workshop and felt that it really made me reflect on myself and helped me to realize how my life can be so much more fulfilling if I loved my job. Rob's workshop also provided me with the tools and resources I needed to continue researching on how to get there. Rob is really passionate about what he does and it is apparent in his work and communication. I am very thankful and excited to be working with him on this important journey and confident that I will get there with his help."

Amy S., Equities Analyst

"I am someone who is very work driven and often thinks I know exactly what I need.  Despite this, I still found the "Know What You Want" Career Workshop to be very helpful.  The course was quite comprehensive and made me really slow down to reflect on who I am, my values, what was important and not important in my life.  This course is a great resource for those in need of some guidance in their career paths." 

Amy K., Portfolio Manager

"I learned about Rob’s “Know What You Want” 2-day Workshop through a friend in hopes to find, clarify and land my dream job within months of taking the workshop. I will admit that at first, I was a bit skeptical about taking the workshop because I wasn’t convinced that I “needed” advice on how I can land my dream job if I don’t know what my dream job is. The purpose of this workshop is to get you closer to identifying the dream job. Let’s face it, we can all use a little career guidance regardless of what stage we are in our careers. Rob’s workshop gave me the confidence to take the necessary steps and set the right goals to reaching the ideal job. What he isn’t going to do is tell you exactly what your dream job is and hand it to you because that’s just unrealistic.

My background: I have been working in the Financial Services industry for 3.5 years as a Senior Consultant at a Big Four Accounting firm. In the last 2 years, I have been experiencing the “quarter-life crisis” where I’m constantly questioning myself – Where do I see myself in 5 and 10 years? Is this job really for me? Should I go back to school? Is it time to make the switch? If so, where should I go and what would I do? If any of these questions cross your mind, it’s great to explore the various opportunities out there but it’s even more important to understand what current skill sets you possess and how that might translate to your next opportunity. The workshop is targeted to help those who may be a bit unclear about their future career path and Rob is there to help you untangle some of the questions. He is an excellent and intelligent coach to work with because he is a great listener, responsive and extremely knowledgeable in many areas that may be of your concern.

From the very start of the workshop, I believed in Rob because he carried himself confidently and professionally. He also manages all aspect of his life very well which makes him qualified for the position. Rob is genuinely interested in your potential to succeed as long as you’re willing to be flexible in both your thinking and actions. In my case, we worked on a few one-on-one coaching sessions after the workshop which were the most helpful because that’s where he had the opportunity to dive deep into my interests and concerns. From there, we developed a meaningful professional relationship.

Because of his workshop and guidance, I continued to pursue my interests. I have taken more steps to get me closer to my dream job. I will continue to work with Rob for his continuous support and would recommend to his workshop to everyone!"

Christine W., Senior Consultant

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