Embrace Possbility Top 5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job
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Top 5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

Have you ever wondered: Should I quit my job? You're not alone. People often tell me they are unhappy with their jobs. They fantasize about getting out and like most fantasies, it doesn't happen. The good news is: Those who do make the switch don't regret it. The bad news is: This doesn't make the [...]

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What to Do When You Lose Your Job?

Your boss is becoming more distant. Your project is put on hold and you notice your team in meetings without you. You've seen this happen to other people who were laid off but you don't believe it will happen to you. You ignore that sinking feeling because you've always done what you were suppose to do [...]

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How to Become More Decisive

I want to be decisive. Why? Because decisive people are the ones that change the world and succeed in life. It's hard not to admire someone who is resolute. So how can we become more decisive? I used to think that being decisive was about making fast decisions. I never quite understood how someone can [...]

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Why Getting Your Dream Job is More Realistic Than You Think

One of the most frequent concerns I get in my Know What You Want Career Workshop is: "I want to go for my dream job but I have (fill in obligation - i.e. bills to pay, family to feed, etc.)" and my answer is: "I understand. Your dream job can only be your dream job [...]

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