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10 books I wish I read earlier in my life but glad I still read them eventually

Have you ever finished a book and found it so useful that you wished you read it much earlier on in your life? I read on average 1-2 books a week (the silver lining to a long commute to work). Most of the books, I read once, glean the key ideas and never re-read again. Which is why I [...]

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Need Sleep? 15 Simple Ways to Get Better Sleep

You're tired. You don't need Arianna Huffington, the government or me to tell you why it's important to get sleep. You know you need it but have trouble getting enough of it. Maybe you have too much to do, maybe it's restlessness or insomnia or maybe you do get enough hours of sleep but still feel tired. Whatever your reasons, you [...]

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Why Being Grateful is the Smart Thing to Do

Thanksgiving is one my favorite holidays. Not only does it bring my family together for great food and company, it also serves as trip wire to reflect on the year and all the things to be grateful for. These days, in this era of busyness, it's so easy to go from one task to the next without taking [...]

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Generally, people are good. At least that’s what I believe and it has served me well. So why is it that some of them do bad things? Unthinkable things? From genocides to bullying From terrorism to financial fraud From smoking to working way too much People, who are generally good, end up doing a spectrum [...]

How to Be More Disciplined

If someone is next to you right now, ask them this question (if you’re by yourself, ask yourself): How can I be more disciplined? What was the answer? Was it something vague like “You just have to force yourself to do it”? Self-discipline is one of those overused words that people have a hard time [...]

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How to Effectively Break Bad Habits

Being late. Smoking. Procrastinating. We all have bad habits that we want to change. What's frustrating is that we recognize that it's bad for us and clearly see the negative consequences and yet we're powerless to stop it. We see examples of this all around us and it's not wonder why so many people give [...]

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Creating an Effective Plan – How to Turn Dreams Into Reality – Part 2

The first part of this 3-part series on turning your dreams into reality showed you how to properly set goals. If you don't have a goal or remember how to set one, I would recommend reviewing How to Turn Dreams Into Reality - Part 1 before moving on. Now that you have your specific goal that [...]

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3 Ways to Eat Healthier by Your Next Meal

Everyone wants to eat healthier these days but not many people really know how. Avoiding fast food restaurants or eating foods labeled "organic" is a good start but it isn't enough. The good news is eating healthy is not difficult. Here are 3 ways to start eating healthier today (inspired by Michael Pollan's Food Rules): Avoid Packaged [...]

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Tired but Cannot Sleep? – How to End Sleeplessness Once and for All

(Lying in bed awake) Me: (to myself) I really need to sleep, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning. I don't believe it's already 2:21am. I am only going to get 3.6 hours of sleep... (more time passes) Me: (to myself) Why can't I sleep? I am tired. I did all the right things. Lights [...]

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