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  1. JK
    February 19, 2012

    I agree but so here are some random reasons for taking pictures from a photographer’s pov ..

    1. SLR experience. As you said, purely enjoying the moment of snapping what you see onto a permanent memory. When you have a good SLR, it’s like having a car. The experience of hearing the click or seeing how the quality pic you snapped look better than in person etc

    2. Bad memory. There has been so many times where I had forgotten an event had happened, who was there, what I was wearing. I often laugh when I scroll through the pictures of the silly faces of the people in that moment. I recently went down the memory lane when I restored my backup to my laptop.

    3. We all age. Pictures also help us capture and freeze the time. Pictures help us share with others what we saw. From a girl’s perspective, what we wore, how we look compare to others.

    4. Sharing the moment with others not in the moment .. It allows conversation piece and hence form bonding. Recognition of picture taking skill. There are so many times that I have laughed with friends bc catching the right moment. I took a pic of my 2 friends’ little kids and their first kiss. LOL. That was a fast click or I would’ve missed that moment.

    5. Sometimes you don’t see yourself until a picture with others enable to see how you ‘fit’ in. Too fat, too skinny, aging well, etc .. It’s permanent lense …

    So in a nutshell, I prob don’t need 50 pictures of some buildings, the same flower, food. As I find myself deleting those type of pictures to save memory. The ‘people’ part of the picture taking is valuable. So I’ve learned to use the camera moderately .. I often leave the SLR home for people’s wedding because I wanted to participate in the moments instead of chasing the perfect pic of a cake, or placecars, or to flowers.

    So don’t fall off taking pictures when you atelier on top of the elephant .. Enjoy the ride =)

    • Robert Chen
      February 19, 2012

      Thanks for your insights! I agree with the people part. I find that most of the pictures I keep are the ones with people in it.

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