Embrace Possbility How to Empower Yourself Forever in 5 Minutes …
  • Helpless

How to Empower Yourself Forever in 5 Minutes …

...or at least as long it takes for you to read this article. Anyway, let's not waste anymore time, we're on a tight schedule. You're reading this article because there are times when you feel powerless. Maybe you feel powerless right now. There are many possible reasons - you work for a boss that you hate [...]

  • Einstein the Genius- I fail therefore I am

What Albert Einstein Can Teach Us About Handling Setbacks

I'm having a bad day I'm having a frustrating month I'm having a terrible year I have been guilty of saying all of these and so has Albert Einstein. After Einstein graduated from college, he spent two frustrating years looking for and failing to get a job as a teaching assistant. During this time, he [...]

How to Stick to Your Goals Even If You Never Could

One of my biggest struggles is finishing something that I started. I would always be excited and have all this energy in the beginning, but like a child with a new toy, the excitement fades away and the goal doesn't seem worth doing anymore so I would just give it up and move on to [...]

  • Fear of Failure

How Fear of Failure Stops You From Being Your Best

Growing up, I always thought failing was a bad thing. No one wanted to fail. It was something I avoided or kept secret if it did happen. As I study more and more successful people, I realize that this type of thinking has held me back tremendously from reaching my full potential. Let me explain... [...]

  • Play Piano No Fingers

“I Can’t Play Piano Without Fingers!”

Who says? This is one of the many limiting beliefs we place upon ourselves that stops us from living the life we want. We all experience setbacks not within our control but what we can control is our reaction. If we were born without fingers on one hand, we could choose to complain and whine [...]

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