Embrace Possibility 10 books I wish I read earlier in my life but glad I still read them eventually
/10 books I wish I read earlier in my life but glad I still read them eventually

10 books I wish I read earlier in my life but glad I still read them eventually

Have you ever finished a book and found it so useful that you wished you read it much earlier on in your life?

I read on average 1-2 books a week (the silver lining to a long commute to work). Most of the books, I read once, glean the key ideas and never re-read again. Which is why I take notice when a book deeply impacts my view of the world.

Below are 10 books I wish I read when I was younger because they've positively changed the way I live my life.


1. The LOL2A-Principle

This book recommended by my German colleague started me on the road to personal mastery. Your world is what you think of it. Change your thinking, change your world. LOL2A = Letting gO, (Love x2) and Action/Reaction.



2. The China Study

If you want independent, hard research on the best way to eat healthy, this is the book for you.

Spoiler alert: Eat plant-based, whole foods. Stay away from processed foods.



3. What Color is Your Parachute

This book set me in the right direction towards my dream job. Learn about yourself and find the job that fits you as opposed to fitting yourself to a job that you probably don't like. I've distilled the best exercises from this book and a few others in my Know What You Want course.



4. Atlas Shrugged

What if all the productive members of society decided to quit because lazier members kept condemning them for being rationally selfish and forcing them to share the wealth?

Inspired me to take responsibility and do great work - don't expect a hand out or a hand up. Rise on your own.



5. Nonviolent Communication (my summary)

I'm not a fan of the title but the process itself is excellent for asserting your viewpoint and needs effectively. Don't make others feel guilty for how you feel. Take responsibility for your actions and intentions, not how others feel. Request, don't demand. Receive empathically.



6. How to Win Friends and Influence People

Best way to win an argument is to avoid it. Don't criticize, condemn or complain. Smile, be sincere and genuinely take an interest in other people. Remember names and make the other person feel important. These practical tips along with many others are worth mastering.



7. Thinking Fast and Slow

We are biased. This book shares why and how our perspective is skewed and what we can do about it.

What you see is all there is - be careful of finding meaning when there is none. Self control requires attention and effort. We have an unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.

Many books out there derive from concepts in this book. Save yourself time and read this one first.


8. On Writing Well

Great writing engages and moves the reader from one sentence to the next. Be genuine, crisp and interesting. This essential guide from the late Bill Zinsser covers the core principles, methods, forms and attitudes to write effectively.



9. Sleep Smarter

Sleep has been a part of our lives since we've been born so it's easy to think we know how to sleep. This book shows you that both Quality and Quantity matters. If you're feeling too tired to read this book, here is my quick guide to get quality sleep.



10. High Output Management

Andy Grove, former CEO of intel, wrote this excellent reference for managing others. Whether you run a business or just run your family, you'll find simple yet powerful advice that works to improve productivity, enhance your decision-making skills and proritize what's most important.


If you enjoyed this list and want more suggestions, go here for all of my book recommendations by topic

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