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  1. Stuart Young
    April 30, 2012

    All excellent advice again Robert. The commitment buddy is really useful – until your commitment buddy lets you down. So this can be reinforced with carrot technique (of the carrot and stick). The stick part of the technique is the forfeit for not completing the goal – that’s why it’s called ‘stickk.com’. The carrot is a reward you give yourself when you reach each new milestone – maybe a trip to the cinema or you buy yourself a new book or CD. This keeps you heading forward to desires you have. Totally agree with moving the deadline if you need to rather than the goal. Nice one. :)

    • Robert Chen
      April 30, 2012

      Well said Stuart. I appreciate all your insightful comments and you are right that it is necessary to have both the carrot and the stick. Some are motivated by moving towards pleasure, others are motivated moving away from pain and still others have a mix of the two so it is always helpful to make use of both.

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